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Taking Advantage of Grandma and Grandpa: The Growing Trend

By Chris Gasper / April 16, 2019

  As I sit here at my desk writing this article, I cannot for the life of me find any semblance of peace about this topic.  I just can’t.  Every week in our office we receive calls from family members, county workers, Adult Protective Services … you name it!  And the story is the same: …

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Why a Living Will is a Bad Idea

By Chris Gasper / December 21, 2018

Yes, folks. A living will is a bad idea. But what is a living will? Many clients and prospective clients call my office to ask about or to hire me to draft a ‘living will.’ I think that this is a term many latch onto and assume this is what you want. Not quite the…

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Glossary of Key Terms for Probate and Estate Planning in Ohio

By Chris Gasper / January 2, 2018

When it comes to seeking helpful hints about probate and estate planning, one of the first things to master is the terminology associated with this very specific field of law. Of course, the information presented here is by no means a complete list, nor should you rely on it or use it as a substitute…

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Estate Planning 101

By Chris Gasper / December 26, 2017

What Does “Probate” Mean? Probate is a term many people are already familiar with, but it is not exactly a concept that most folks encounter every day. Whether you are brand new to the estate planning process or you are trying to find out more about the specifics of probate law, you’ve come to the…

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5 Things To Know About Probate Estate Land Sale Proceedings in Ohio

By Chris Gasper / December 19, 2017

Probate estate land sales are one of the most common topics that our clients ask us about, so we thought it would be useful to mention some of the most vital aspects to consider when you’re dealing with the sale of real estate in a probate case. (Note: the information that follows is specific to…

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ATF is Nearing Its New Restrictions on NFA Gun Trusts

By Chris Gasper / December 14, 2015

Well folks, I didn’t think they would take this long, but it appears that the ATF-41P final action is near. As proposed, the rule would: Add a definition for the term “responsible person” Require each responsible person of a corporation, trust or legal entity to complete a specified form, and to submit photographs and fingerprints;…

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Guardianship – I Will

By Chris Gasper / March 19, 2015

As Guardian of the Person and/or Estate, I will: 1. Preserve any and all Wills of the ward and deposit them with the Court for safekeeping. 2. Prepare and file a guardian’s report annually, or as directed by the Court when the ward is an adult. 3. Allow my name, address, and telephone number to…

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Custody, Adoption an Guardianship Questions Part 1

By Chris Gasper / March 16, 2015

How does my husband adopt my daughter to be her father? In this situation, you will have to file for a stepparent adoption. In Ohio, if a parent has not supported or contacted their child for a year or more, that parent’s consent is not needed; however, that parent must still be notified. There are…

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Ban on Body Armor? New Bill in the House of Representatives Bans Civilian Ownership of Body Armor

By Chris Gasper / January 28, 2015

The bill in question, called the Responsible Body Armor Possession Act, would strip the right of civilians to purchase or own body armor. The bill reads, “It shall be unlawful for a person to purchase, own or possess enhanced body armor.” The body armor defined in the bill is “body armor, including a helmet or…

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ATF Reclassifies Sig’s “Stabilizing Brace”

By Chris Gasper / January 22, 2015

The ATF issued an open letter on January 16, 2015 pertaining to the AR Pistols and other firearms which could affect many who have purchased long-barrel handguns with “stabilizing braces.” Now that the ATF has taken notice of what some might call a “work around” to the NFA, it shows that the ATF is clamping down on…

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