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An Estate Plan Can Protect Your Assets and Carry Out Your Wishes

While no one wants to expect or anticipate their passing, planning for the future can help you protect your assets and your loved ones. It can also protect your wishes if you are incapacitated or pass on.

As a Dublin estate planning attorney, Christopher T. Gasper is here to offer you sound guidance, insightful support, and skilled legal representation. As the founding attorney of Gasper Legal, he is highly motivated and experienced in this specific area of law. He and our team can help you create an estate plan that addresses your unique needs and concerns. We recognize that these are highly personal matters, and that no two people are the same. Our estate planning services are tailored to each client’s individual preferences and circumstances.

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Benefits of Estate Planning

A legally sound estate plan can offer the following benefits:

  • You can make sure your specific wishes are carried out regarding property distribution.
  • You can make provisions for the custody and upbringing of your children.
  • You can protect your assets from estate taxes.
  • You can create a trust to provide for loved ones in the event of your passing.
  • You can establish preferences end-of-life treatment and care.
  • You can establish preferences for medical treatment if you become incapacitated.
  • You can help your loved ones avoid lengthy probate proceedings after you pass on.

It is crucial to work with a Dublin estate planning lawyer who can properly protect your interests while creating legally enforceable documents that address your needs.

The Importance of Drafting a Last Will and Testament

No matter your age, assets, or health, drafting a will is one of the most important things you can do if you want to have any say in how your property is handled when you pass on. A Last Will and Testament is a legal document that informs the court how you want your property distributed. You can assign specific items or heirlooms to specific family members, can leave assets to charity, and can even address issues like child custody or who you would like to have ownership of your pets.

Without a will, the court will decide how to divide your assets. It will make its decision based off intestacy laws, which apply when a person dies “intestate” (without a will). The court will not have any understanding of your personal preferences or who may be more deserving of assets.

Protect yourself and your family – contact Dublin estate planning attorney Christopher Gasper at (614) 845-1923 today.

Your Trusted Estate Planning Partner for ARAG Members in Ohio!

As a seasoned estate planning attorney based in Ohio, I am proud to be part of the ARAG Legal Services network. My firm specializes in offering comprehensive, compassionate, and cost-effective estate planning solutions to ARAG members across Ohio.

Partnered with ARAG Legal Services to Serve You Better
Being an ARAG network attorney means that I am committed to providing top-notch legal assistance to ARAG members. I understand the importance of securing your family's future, and through ARAG Legal Services, you can access my services at discounted rates without compromising quality.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Services Tailored for ARAG Members
Estate planning is more than just drafting a will – it's about ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones. My services include, but are not limited to:

-Wills and Trusts: Secure the future of your assets and loved ones.
-Power of Attorney: Appoint someone you trust to manage your affairs if you're unable to.
-Advanced Health Care Directives: Ensure your health care wishes are respected.
-Tailored Estate Planning: Solutions designed to fit the unique needs of ARAG members.

Why Choose Us as Your ARAG Estate Planning Attorney?
Discounted Legal Services: As an ARAG member, you benefit from reduced rates without sacrificing service quality.
Personalized Attention: I provide personalized consultations to understand your unique situation and craft the ideal estate plan.
Experienced in Ohio Law: With deep knowledge of Ohio estate law, I ensure that your estate plan aligns with state-specific regulations.

In many cases, services are covered by ARAG's plan and your estate plan might be fully covered under the ARAG policy.

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