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A guardian is a court-appointed person, corporation, or association who is named legally responsible for an incapacitated or incompetent person and/or his or her property. The person to whom a guardian is appointed is called a ward. Although only a court can appoint a guardian, you can nominate a specific person in advance to act as a guardian, should the need arise.

Guardianship is an important issue to address in estate planning, typically in the creation of a Last Will and Testament or Power of Attorney. Although guardianship is most often thought of later in life, you can nominate a guardian no matter your age or health. This is an important step to take in ensuring you, your property, and your children (if you have any) are properly taken care of in the event that you are incapacitated for any reason.

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Guardianship vs. Conservatorship in Ohio

In Ohio, the court will appoint a guardian for an adult who has become legally or mentally incapacitated. Family members are typically given preference by the courts, but anyone may ask to be appointed guardian. The court can appoint a guardian for a person regardless of whether he or she wants one, if the court determines that the person has a qualifying incapacity. Conservatorship is a type of “voluntary guardianship,” wherein a guardian can be appointed for an adult who is physically incapacitated but is otherwise competent.

A guardian has a legal obligation to act in a ward’s best interests in the fulfilment of his or her duties. There are different types of guardians in Ohio:

  • guardian of a person is appointed to make personal personal decisions for the ward. This may include making decisions about housing, education, and health care.
  • guardian of an estate is appointed to manage a ward’s assets. This may include paying debt, collecting income, investing funds, selling assets, and filing or defending lawsuits on behalf of the ward.

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