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Guardianship – I Will

As Guardian of the Person and/or Estate, I will:

1. Preserve any and all Wills of the ward and deposit them with the Court for safekeeping. 2. Prepare and file a guardian’s report annually, or as directed by the Court when the ward is an adult. 3. Allow my name, address, and telephone number to appear in the Court’s docket and be accessible through theCourt’s website. 4. Immediately notify Probate Court in writing if I change my address or the ward’s address.

As Guardian of the Person, I will:

1. Protect and control the person of my ward, and make all decisions on behalf of the ward based upon the ward’s best interest. 2. Provide suitable maintenance for my ward when necessary. 3. Provide such maintenance and education for my ward as the amount of the estate justifies if the ward is a minor and has no father or mother, or has a father or mother who fails to provide maintenance or education. 4. Obey all orders and judgments of the Court touching the guardianship. 5. Authorize or approve medical, health, or other professional care, counsel, treatment, or service. 6. Obtain the written approval of the Court before executing a caretaker power of attorney authorized by R.C.3109.52.

As Guardian of the Estate, I will:

1. Prepare and file an inventory of the real and personal estate of the ward within 3 months after my appointment.Deposit funds which come into my hands in a lawful depository located within this state. Guardianship checking accounts must provide canceled checks, as these canceled checks must be displayed when filing accounts. 3. Invest surplus funds in a lawful manner. 4. Prepare and file an account annually. 5. File a final account within 30 days after the guardianship is terminated. 6. Inventory any safe deposit box of the ward. 7. Expend funds only upon written approval of the Court.

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