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The death of a loved one is such a difficult and unnecessarily complex process.  Dealing with probate and estate matters are usually the last thing on your mind.  However, these thigns are unavoidable.  You have to know what you are doing to protect assets and prevent further harm.  Chances are, you could use a little help.  That's where we come in.

And when you're trying to find answers or someone you can talk to just to ask a couple questions ... it can be overwhelming!  Believe me, I know what you're feeling right now.  And to be honest, it stinks.

I can help.  Really.  I can.  I've assembled a fantastic team and no matter what your situation is, I am confident if you call my office, I can help.  No matter what you may or may not need, I excel in figuring out problems for clients and making a plan that works.  See, simple.  Nothing to worry about.

I commonly advise Executors, Administrators, Guardians, Fiduciaries, Trustees, and personal representatives.  This is all I do.  I don't dabble in a little this and that.  I only work in the Probate Law field and I am down at the Franklin County Probate Court weekly if not daily.  My team and I just get it done for our clients and we don't charge the big firm prices but delivery big firm results.

If you are in need of an experienced Estate Administration Attorney in the Franklin County area, please call us today (614) 845-1923.

What is an Estate Administration?

Estate Administration refers to the process of collecting and managing the estate, paying any debts and taxes, and distributing the remaining property to the heirs of the estate.  There are many factors to consider such as who are the heirs and who are the next of kin, what to do with assets, how to transfer assets, what to do with money and bank accounts, how to maintain the house during the process, and do you really need to fill out all those forms.

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