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The ATF Has Revised the Form 1 and Form 5

The ATF revised the Form 1 (Application to Make and Register a Firearm) and Form 5 (Application for Tax Exempt Transfer and Registration of Firearm). The newest option to the Form 1 is that you may now pay for the $200 tax stamp with your credit or debit card. Check or money order will be allowed if you submit your application by paper.

As I have discussed previously, it is my experience that the online forms are processed in less time than the paper copies. Also, you may upload your trust and certificate of trust with your application via PDF and pay by credit card! This makes the process much easier and simpler.

The Form 1 and Form 5 now integrate the questions relating to non-immigrant status as contained on the Form 5330.20. This revision now means instead of having to submit the Form 5330.20 with your Form 1 or Form 5, you can skip that step.

The eForm filings will continue to use the old Form 1 and Form 5 without the additional questions as mentioned above. When the eForms are updated, I will update this blog to reflect the latest changes to those forms.

Chris Gasper