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Another Form 1 SBR Approved by the ATF and Current Wait Times

This week, another satisfied client who has asked his name to remain anonymous emailed me a photo of his tax stamp. As it stands now, wait times are approximately 11 months if your forms are submitted via paper method and approximately 6 months if your forms are E-Filed. I am a big fan of the E-Filing method because it saves time, postage, and wait times. Sometime in November of last year, I submitted a Form 4 for a suppressor via mail and a Form 1 for an SBR via E-Filing for my client. The ATF received his Form 4 in early November, but did not enter the information until December 27th! The E-Filed Form 1 was accepted the very next day.

As you can see, you will shave off about 5 months of wait time if you E-File your Form 1 or Form 4. Of course, these are just estimates and the ATF is constantly changing how they do business. So, it appears that the E-File system the ATF rolled out is their preferred method and if you are like me and hate waiting for something you already have the constitutional right to possess, then I highly recommend you utilize the E-Filing method.

One small point I should mention before closing. If you make an error on an E-Form, you have to resubmit and the clock may reset back to zero. With paper copies, the ATF will typically just mail you a correction, you follow their instructions, and mail it back without losing your place in line.

Chris Gasper